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About Us

Pace Assistive Technology Services LLC provide services to individual with disabilities and the aging population in Southeast Louisiana.

People with disabilities represent a large segment of our society. No matter the age or socioeconomic status, individuals, whether students or baby boomers, will continue to require quality, services to determine the best assistive technology or environmental modifications to meet their varied and changing needs.  We will pave the way by providing quality service.  

Pace Assistive Technology Services LLC draws on 20-plus years of practical, hands-on field experience providing rehabilitation technology services which have produced a passion to faithfully serve individuals with disabilities and to see them succeed.


Kimberly Pace, MBE, ATP, RET, CEAC

  Has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (focus Rehabilitation Engineering) and a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering.  She has obtained knowledge and skills associated with various technologies prominent in the assistive technology field.

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