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Screen Magnification

Here's a tip if you have trouble viewing your computer screen. Use the accessibility features native to your Windows or Mac operating system. These features can assist with changing font size, icon size, menu size, or utilizing high contrast color schemes. A screen magnifier (part of the Windows 10 ease of access features) makes it easy to enlarge the entire screen. Magnification levels range from 1x to 16x. If you only need magnification of 1.25 rather than 2x, you will find the zoom increments feature helpful.

Windows Magnifier
Windows Magnifier

magnified text, magnifier, 150%
Magnifier Example (The Project Gutenberg EBook of Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen)

Dedicated screen magnification program like Freedom Scientific's ZoomText or MAGic® are also available.

Most programs offer a 30-day trial, so you can determine if the product is right for you before you buy it.

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