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Pace Assistive Technology Services LLC provide services to individual with disabilities and the aging population in Southeast Louisiana

People with disabilities represent a large segment of our society. No matter the age or socioeconomic status, individuals, whether students or baby boomers, will continue to require quality, services to determine the best assistive technology or environmental modifications to meet their varied and changing needs.  We will pave the way by providing quality service  



An initial meeting designed to develop a comprehensive plan to discover how assistive technology or environmental modifications could meet your ever growing needs based on physical limitations and current lifestyle  



We provide comprehensive assistive technology assessments by reviewing background and medical information, conducting an  in-depth interview, trying out various equipment, and observing the environment to produce a detailed report outlining specific recommendations and equipment

Computer Access

Identify specialized adaptive equipment to allow an individual with a disability to access a computer.  

Home Modifications

Identify barriers and recommend solutions in the home that would limit an individual in basic activities of daily living.

Educational Technology

Identify technology to assist in overcoming cognitive and learning difficulties posed by students.  

Worksite Assessments

Identify and overcome physical barriers that would limit an individual from performing work duties.  

Ergonomic Assessments

Identify specialized equipment that would assist an individual with physical limitations in an office environment.  



We can provide assistive technology training and workshops for an individual or a group.   

Assistive Technology 


We can meet your varied assistive technology product needs by ordering and delivering equipment   

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